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Please contact us for any group request. We will organize the itinerary according to your needs. The diversity of landscape, activities, climate and facilities make Argentina a good option for your next travel destination. ILS provides tailor-made tours as each group is unique. Here, there are 4 examples of our offers.

Colorful Northwest

It is one of the last hidden secrets of South America. The beauty of the Northwest lies in its unique atmosphere and extraordinary combination of landscape and culture, where tradition is still alive and the “pacha mama” is the daily blessing. It is one of the only places in Argentina where colonial influence is widely seen and appreciated. Colorful canyons and windy roads over high altitude mountain passes, lead to remote Andean villages, where attractive small boutique hotels with fine service are established.

Flavors of Argentina

This complete itinerary along the entire country shows great contrast between the wild Patagonian nature with strong winds and enormous glaciers in the South, the dry and unspoiled Northwest with authentic Indian culture and spectacular high altitude scenery and the lush subtropical rain forest at Iguazu with one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the planet. It is a tour recommended for passengers with time to explore everything, where the enormous variety of landscape which Argentina has to offer is shown.

Patagonian Impressions

This mystic piece of land at the bottom of the South American continent always attracted adventurers and explorers from all over the world. Till today it maintained the spirit of a free and widely unknown land full of legends. Our tour is an introduction to this unique world and shows the most important highlights of the South. It is a combination of spectacular Andean scenery with ice caped mountain peaks and some of the most beautiful glaciers on earth, an extraordinary animal paradise and the most southern city of the world.

Tasting the Andes

This itinerary presents a journey through highlights and capital cities. A relaxing trip full of breathtaking moments and unforgettable impressions of different countries. Explore two very different Andean crossings with virgin landscape, pass by the highest peak of the Americas and discover some of the most fascinating Latin American metropolies with hidden beauty and attractions. Enjoy an excellent infrastructure with luxury hotels and some of the most exquisite restaurants. The bouquet of fine wine rounds up this unique tour.