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ILS – Incentive & Leisure Services is a company dedicated to incoming tourism ranging from the traditional sightseeing itineraries to very specialized travel opportunities. It was founded in May 2000. Ongoing commitment to both product quality and service led to success. ILS is located in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina, close to San Martin Square and Florida pedestrian Street. Today ILS family has grown into a well reputated mid-sized company with a team of skilled and multi-language experts. The spirit of the company is still to provide personalized travel solutions.

On frequent familiarization trips (see staff photographs) they continuously upgrade their knowledge about the country and maintain and overview about new tourism investments.



    • Boeni, Patricia
      Boeni, PatriciaCataratas del Iguazú - Misiones
      • Howard, María José
        Howard, María JoséTilcara - Jujuy
        • Kaspar, Denise
          Kaspar, DeniseRío Iguazú, Misiones
          • Navarro, Rosana
            Navarro, RosanaCerro Otto - Río Negro
            • Ortolani, María Elena
              Ortolani, María ElenaTango in Buenos Aires
              • Rubio, Karina
                Rubio, KarinaEl Chaltén - Santa Cruz
                • Zárate, Silvina
                  Zárate, SilvinaEstancia in Buenos Aires


                  • Carrizo, Miriam
                    Carrizo, MiriamIschigualasto - San Juan
                    • Mastronicola, Naty
                      Mastronicola, NatyUshuaia- Tierra del Fuego
                      • Quiroga, Alejandra
                        Quiroga, AlejandraTigre- Buenos Aires

                        OUR GUIDES

                        We have a well-established team of freelance guides, who are available at the most important tourist spots of the country. All major European languages are spoken and therefore we can provide guides with the necessary language without any extra cost. Only at some remote areas in central or northern Argentina, we can only provide English/Spanish speaking guides. Most of our guides are graduated from a five-year tourism university career and in order to guide in national parks or province reserves they have to be licensed and approved by the local tourism authority. Regular courses to maintain and upgrade the knowledge are compulsory in most of the provinces. This guarantees a high level of education. ILS always takes an extra care in choosing appropriate guides with a good appearance and knowledge of languages.

                        OUR EXPEDITION LEADERS

                        A small team of experienced and multi-language expedition leaders are available for overland tours. Some of them work exclusively for ILS. They are prepared to escort groups or sometimes go as a driver-guide with individual clients throughout the country. Most commonly, these expedition leaders are requested for trips to remote areas like the legendary Ruta 40, which goes along the Andes or the Carretera Austral in neighbouring Chile. Other preferred territories are the northern central valleys and the Cuyo region. At special request, we also provide mountain guide for trekking tours to the high Andes peaks and even for climbing the Aconcagua mountain (6,959m). However, only Spanish/English speaking guides are available.

                        OUR TRANSPORTATION

                        A wide variety of private cars, 4×4 Jeeps, minivans, or buses is available in the entire country depending on the needs of the group or individual clients. Most of the vehicles are the latest generation, comfortable and with air conditioning. Due to route conditions and in areas of unpaved roads, some of these vehicles are more strained and scattered windscreens are common and part of the adventure. All vehicles are registered, licensed and insured by the Ministry of Transportation. All drivers are professional, have a great deal of experience with overseas tourists, and excellent driving skills. Driver-guides with knowledge of foreign language are available in certain areas of the country and for private cars or 4×4. Bus drivers usually speak Spanish only.